Alexander Hardy

Alexander Hardy

I write things.

Alexander Hardy, wordsmith for hire, is the dance captain of Saint Damita Jo Jackson’s Royal Army. He writes on life, race and chicken at and elsewhere. He does not believe in snow.

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Kelis wanderland article

The Revisit: Kelis' "Wanderland" - Saint Heron

This song made falling in love with Wanderland easy. Her sophomore album, packed with capers of love, lust, and luchini-getting, was a constant source of inspiration back in those pre-Von Dutch days. At 21, Kelis simply wanted to do more musically, to improve upon what she set out to do with her debut. While interviewers and reviewers alluded to her wanting to be “different,” Kelis insisted, Denise Huxtably, that she merely wanted to be herself.

Soundtrack story article

Black Movie Soundtracks Are A Lost Art - Saint Heron

When executed well, the movie soundtrack was a magical thing. It was the perfect gumbo of the legendary, the slept-on, and the mismatched. Only on a movie soundtrack in 1999 (The Best Man) could you get Sporty Thievz, Beyoncé, and free agent LaTocha Scott all at once for under $20. You just can’t get that kind of magic for the low anymore.

Open uri20140611 28433 8uom1z article

The Revisit: Janet Jackson's 'The Velvet Rope' - Saint Heron

The Revisit: Janet Jackson's 'The Velvet Rope' - Sa...