Alexander Hardy

Alexander Hardy

I write things.

Alexander Hardy, wordsmith for hire, is the dance captain of Saint Damita Jo Jackson’s Royal Army. He writes on life, race and chicken at and elsewhere. He does not believe in snow.

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Mom’s House or Flophouse? Where to Live After College

During college, living at home means that money you would have spent on room and board can be directed toward important matters like stacking luchini for life beyond the nest, helping your Jordan collection prosper and even—perhaps—helping out thy former guardians financially for a bit. Imagine that!

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Dear 20-Somethings, Stop Chasing Perfection! - The Root

Embrace the power of “no.” Know that skipping dinner with friends for a quiet night at home doesn’t make you a monster. Whether it’s a baby shower, a project or a trip to the beach on Jackie Washington Day, saying yes to everyone and everything can be draining. You’re one person. You’ll be surprised how few people explode after being told “no.”