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I write things.

Alexander Hardy, wordsmith for hire, is the dance captain of Saint Damita Jo Jackson’s Royal Army. He writes on life, race and chicken at and elsewhere. He does not believe in snow.

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Rooting for TV's Longest-Running Gay Marriage to Fail

After multiple sessions yield no results other than a series of low blows, the therapist suggests a break wherein they co-parent but don't hump (anyone) and only speak in case of emergencies, while sleeping in rooms mere feet away from one another. That's not weird at all. Callie is against it from the start. But that twinkle in Arizona's eye? That's hope. Is this her way out? They agree to a 30-day "split." Six weeks of turmoil and flip-flopping ensue. Relationship status: It's complicated.

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Black-ish Takes On the Birds and the Bees

Like Lieutenant Dan, ABC's Black-ish found some legs to stand on last night.

Last week's pilot made me nervous. I wondered: Will this series be one episode after another of stereotype bingo? How much more luscious can Rainbow's WonderFro get? Will Zoey, the oldest daughter, say more than four words at once?

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How to Get Away with Murder: I Stab You Because I Love You - Gawker

More interracial primetime flip-flopping. We watched a gay man use sex to get what he wants. Just like in the first episode episode, Connor banged all the info he needed right out of Oliver the IT dude. It sounds strange, but that's all gays and anybody other underrepresented segment really ask for: the chance to be abysmal and callous (and human) in primetime like everybody else.

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Why Shonda Rhimes Rules ABC's Thursday Nights - Gawker

Tonight, during the third hour of TGIT, we meet law professor Annalise Keating, played by two-time Oscar nominee Viola Davis in How To Get Away With Murder. This legal thriller is a beautiful vehicle for allowing Viola the Great room to showcase the full range of her brilliance. Finally, she gets to be the Beyoncé rather than the LaTavia.

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How to Get Away With Murder Gets Away With Primetime Analingus - Gawker

We sat together on social media and in over-decorated How To Get Away With Murder watch parties and loved on Viola Davis. We fawned over her boundless talent; appreciated her masterful timing and thundering voice; and envied her flawless skin (It's okay. #melanin). We adored her brusque and her despicable. We watched Viola Davis be a person.

Finally. Shit.